photographs: Rene Roman

ode to Heisenberg + De Maria is an immersive and interactive sound installation. Surround sound, recorded in the Peruvian Amazon, is edited into a 24-hour cyclical spatialized sound sculpture, layered with human heartbeats. The time of day in the exhibition, is synchronized to the time of day in the Amazon recording.

Visitors are invited to stay as little and as long as they like. Overnight sessions, in which visitors can sleep in the space, are also available. The time of day in real life, relates to the time of day in the Amazon recording.

The piece is a tribute to Werner Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and Walter De Maria's "Ocean Music" and "Cricket Music" from the 1960's.

This project is supported by corporate sponsorship from DPA Microphones & a scholarship funded residency at the Spacial Sound Institute. Collaboration partners to configure the heartbeat system include ARUP & ASCUS.