photographs: Rene Roman

ode to Heisenberg + De Maria is an immersive and interactive sound installation. Surround sound, recorded in the Peruvian Amazon, is edited into a 24-hour cyclical spatialized sound sculpture, layered with human heartbeats. The time of day in the exhibition is synchronized to the time of day in the Amazon recording.

Visitors are invited to stay as little and as long as they like. Overnight sessions, in which visitors can sleep in the space, are also available. As visitors move through the sound of the Amazon, the sound of their heartbeat follows them, via the nearest speaker.

The piece is a tribute to Werner Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and Walter De Maria's "Ocean Music" and "Cricket Music" from the 1960's.

ode to Heisenberg + De Maria is fiscally sponsored by VAE Raleigh, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, creativity incubator. Consider sustaining the project.

This project is supported by corporate sponsorship from DPA Microphones, Sparkfun, Maxim Integrated & a scholarship funded residency at the Spatial Sound Institute. The heartbeat system is designed by Léo Roussel at ARUP, and Quran Karriem & Rebecca Uliasz - both candidates in Duke Unitversity’s Computational Media, Arts & Cultures Ph.D program. PCB design and production is led by Michael Lim at North Carolina State University.

Below is a documentary on spatial sound, and work created at the Spatial Sound Institute - where the Amazon portion of ode to Heisenberg + de Maria was created, from 60+ hours of field recordings.

The film connects the personal perspective of artist Ana Amorós López, re-discovering her relation to sound and listening, with 14 different projects that took place as part of the Institute’s Artists Residency Programme throughout 2018. The different protagonists in the film evoke an oscillating conversation about the meaning of sound in our world today - and how 4DSOUND technology can change our perception of sound, and relationship with listening.

A film by Ana Amorós López

With: Paul Oomen, Alyssa Miserendino, Sól Ey, Vanessa Li, Tiernan Cross, Pierre Jolivet, Ákos Nagy, Camille Roth, Rebekka Bohse Meyer, Edo Van Breemen, Kate De Lorme, Lisa Greenaway, Csaba Hajnóczy, Lenke Szilágyi, Eric Raynaud, Filip Ruisl, Gábor Pribék, Lukas Rehm, Lisa Charlotte Friederich, Jim Igor Kallenberg, John Connell