FotoFest 2012, Houston Texas

imagine being surrounded by other people in your industry for five days straight from 9am until about midnight each night… this is the intense high i was on just a week ago at Houstons’s FotoFest. i barely read an email or answered my phone. i simply took it all in, and best of all, i had the opportunity to meet other incredible photographers, whose work i’ve seen in magazine spreads or hanging on gallery walls. this was magical; especially when touting someone’s name just 30 min earlier, then getting to meet her in person. synchronicity i say!

we were a group of image junkies getting our fill. we sat around in between meetings and shared some of our most personal and powerful work : the work that comes from within, that we do for our selves, from our heart & thus inevitably brings our viewers, & the larger world together. This is our Element.

 FotoFest 2012, Houston Texas


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