interior design — the slab house

this morning reminded me how lucky i am to have a fun loving brain — yes i am a photographer (forgive my camera phone’s auto functions below!), but also an interior design consultant… my client and i visited a slab manufacturing house, to pick out the location, on a slab, from where his countertop pieces would be cut. the gracious and funny artist we were assigned to, has been doing this for 25 years. i call him an artist, because he is thoughtful about where all pieces are going and how to maximize the movement in one slab. i was able to follow his thought process & collaborate through the design, which left me giddy. i cant wait to show off this kitchen when it is done. we knocked down walls, re-routed electrical, eliminated the vertical refrigerator and freezer, and  a lot more! not to mention this beautiful piece of granite, found on accident (from brazil, no less, where i’ve just returned from a shoot). this was one of only three slabs left, unmarked, that i felt in love with when hand selecting it for the kitchen….

interior design -- the slab house

interior design -- the slab house

interior design -- the slab house


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